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The 9th installment of the popular Bimbo Maker series finds our heroes Philbert and Tim opening a lingerie store in Castrato City, the most sexually repressed city in America. Their secret weapon is that they're selling Bimbo Panties, and there's a packet of Bimbo Maker formula in each pair.

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Whenever one of the man-hating citizens of Castrato City puts a pair on she turns into a sex-crazed bimbo! It's another lusty tale of the power of bimboization. Philbert and Tim have a wild time turning the sexually repressed feminists of Castrato City into big-breasted, big-assed bimbos who crave only one thing -- and that's the magic member between a man's legs.

See what happens when the mayor of the city -- a woman who believes all men should be drummed out of existence -- falls under the spell of the Bimbo Maker formula! It's a fun read with lots of lusty sexual situations.

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For adults only. These stories are about adults and for adults. They are not intended for minors. If you're an adult, though, and you like your erotica with some humor mixed in, enjoy!

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Jacquart has said that he is working on ways to expand the site and reach out to the media to explain why 75, people per day log into the site "without any marketing or ads on the site at all. We have some ideas for new brands, we want to expand Miss Bimbo with social networks.

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Traffic to MissBimbo. Blighty Ltd. There is currently an alternative website called Like A Fashionista , owned by Beemoov, which is almost identical to the former Miss Bimbo website.

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