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What can you do to turn back time in the days leading up to a major corporate showdown? When you sleep, gravity pools fluid around your lower eyelids, where the skin is soft and elastic, causing undereye puffiness.

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To avoid the bags, slip an extra pillow under your head. This will encourage gravity to drain the eye area. Chilled spoons also work. They fit perfectly over your eyes, and the metal remains cold just long enough to be effective, about 10 minutes. To leave an impression of strength, youth, and vitality, be more animated. Practice your delivery in front of a friend or a mirror, keeping these tips in mind:.

A booming voice sounds more youthful than a whisper. Imagine you are talking directly to the person in the back of the room. A hunched-over posture will make you look old before your time. Stand and balance on the balls of your feet. Tuck under slightly for support. Keep your shoulders down. Arch up with the back of your neck. Keep your chin low.

3 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

Look up from below. In her previous studies at the Oregon Health and Science University, she has found that monkeys who ran on treadmills grew more blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen and sugar-rich blood, the fuel that powers the brain. And even a single bout of aerobic exercise floods the body with endorphins that will improve clarity of thought. Get in a run a few hours before you go on. If you need a new pair of kicks, check out our Best Running Shoes for Research has shown an anti-fat bias in every realm of society, particularly in the workplace, where fit, youthful people are more apt to receive promotions, earn larger salaries, and snag higher-profile projects.

Wearing one color from head to toe elongates your look, according to Seymour. Dark tones enhance the effect.

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  • A bold necktie transmits youthfulness. Add a pocket square for flair. Instead, chew peppermint or cinnamon gum, or suck on peppermint hard candy. Research at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found a strong link between the smell of peppermint and improvements in mood, motivation, and athletic performance.

    That study complements previous research tying the scent of peppermint to enhanced energy levels and cognitive functioning.


    Another study at Wheeling found that the smell of cinnamon boosts brainpower and improves mental dexterity. Need ideas on where to start? It instantly makes you look younger. And if you are balding or have fine hair, remember that less is more. Wishing to go back in time, opt for tropical-scented perfume, smell grapefruit and feel like shedding years. Layers and layers of makeup often accentuate wrinkles rather than conceal them.

    You have relied on black eyeliner? Now you will want to flatter yourself with brown hues. Treat your eyes with warmer eye shadows — pink, beige, then make your eyelids look firmer with a gray or brown crease line. The image children evoke most often is probably that of smooth rosy cheeks. So, if we look a little flushed, we produce a more youthful impression.

    #2 Moisturize

    Pick a color that is a shade brighter than your natural skin tint and apply it over your cheekbones. Do you hesitate over the choice? Wash your face with cold water to bring out your natural blush — or ask a makeup specialist to suggest the most suiting shade. If your skin is drier than usual and looks aged, go for a cream blush which blends better and conceals fine lines better than powder.

    They will acquire a nice natural plump look adding to your fresher appearance. The obvious idea is to treat them well and daily by applying, for example, SPF15 sunscreen unstintingly. A white-toothed bright smile is great for creating the impression of youth and health.

    As we grow older, constant consumption of tobacco, coffee and alcohol dull the youthful brightness. You can take off years by opting for a different haircut which can give you a younger look — and feel! The longer and darker your hair is, the more it spells age, so if you want to achieve a younger effect think medium, short and fair. It should fit snugly around your rib cage and ensure you fit to the loosest hook and eye.

    The wires should encase the breast and not sit on soft breast tissue. If they do, try a larger cup size.

    Although only 20 per cent of the support comes from the straps they do help to achieve the perfect shape. The front and back of the bra should be parallel. If the back rides up, try a different back size. Tummy control knickers work wonders. Think about which colours suit you. Using a mirror in natural light, hold different colours to your face.

    Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes - BELLA New York Magazine

    Notice which dull your colour and which give a more flattering glow. Now think about fit. You should be feeling more confident now but the right deportment will do wonders. As your grandmother probably used to say when you were a child, stand up straight. If you need more help, try a course of Pilates exercise classes, which will help with your posture. They should look similar but not identical. They should be long, thick and beautifully arched. Have your eyebrows professionally shaped. There are some important rules if you want to look younger.

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