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Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Canberra CityNews. Home Sponsored content Day when love comes calling. Sponsored content. Campaign recycles important messages on waste. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. CityNews - November 20, 0. Digital edition November 21 November 20, Intent on saving Griff, will Ellis miss the truth he's always known that what she views as her biggest weakness is her greatest strength, and that her uniqueness isn't, in fact, a mistake?

From start to finish, Love Comes Calling is an absolute delight. With her trademark attention to detail and her unique, unparalleled flair for bringing history to life with a Technicolor-clarity, Mitchell brings the roaring, raucous s to vibrant life on the page. And in a stroke of brilliance she allows readers to witness this tumultuous, transformative decade through the eyes of a woman whose restless mind and unfocused energies would today see her diagnosed with ADHD. As a daughter of privilege, Ellis is in the position to embrace the increased freedoms the postwar years brought to women, from college educations to opportunities in the workforce -- only unlike the "hello girls" she meets when posing as Janie, Ellis has the safety net of family wealth.

This realization not only allows Ellis to appreciate where she's come from, and the gifts she's been given, but plants within her a growing desire to help other women embrace the new opportunities afforded to them in this great decade of social change, giving her restless energies a heartfelt focus that cannot help but succeed.

Mitchell has a gift for bringing wildly disparate historical periods to life in her novels with pitch-perfect clarity, from the glamour of the Gilded Age in She Walks in Beauty to a Quaker struggling to survive the Revolutionary War in The Messenger. Here she brings the Roaring Twenties to life with all of the vibrancy and energy of the early Hollywood films that Ellis loves.

There is more humor within these pages than one familiar with Mitchell's past works might expect to find, but for me that is part of the magic of her work. She manages to capture the essence of a time period, faded to black and white in the history books, and with a few deft strokes of her pen bring it back to life.

Although Ellis post-dates the initial incarnation of The Perils of Pauline by a decade, I couldn't help but liken the madcap nature of her adventures to the early Hollywood serial -- the stakes are high, and despite obstacles and occasional failures, there is an infectious enthusiasm to her adventures for which one cannot help but cheer. Within the framework of Ellis's story, Mitchell tackles the topic of Prohibition, and through the historical lens asks readers to examine the intersection of faith and politics -- as potentially volatile and timely a subject today as it was nearly a century ago.

With the passage of Prohibition, the rise of corruption in government and law enforcement exploded, and the ease with which one can access illegal alcohol forces Ellis to examine both her personal beliefs and her role -- if any -- as a believer in a society whose mantra was increasingly "anything goes.

As Mitchell states in her Author's Note, "we were designed for the freedom of choice Love Comes Calling is Mitchell's most cinematic novel to date, a love letter to the early pictures that captivated Ellis's imagination and a gorgeously-rendered, engaging reflection of the medium's energy and humor. The Roaring Twenties in all its capacity for change and possibility and excess spring to life within the pages of the novel with a captivating energy.

The carefully-meted detail and ephemera through which Mitchell brings to life Ellis and her world makes for an utterly fascinating, absorbing read. And Ellis herself is an absolute gem, her voice not only pitch-perfect for the time in which she lived but an engrossing and compassionate glimpse into the mind of a woman wired to think in a manner and at a pace that, frankly, leaves most of the world in the dust.

For anyone who ever wanted to be anyone but who they were, Love Comes Calling is a sweetly-told love letter. This is Mitchell at her most engaging -- fascinating history and captivating characters laced with thought-provoking spiritual truths. Jan 25, Mikayla rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , four-stars.

The first thing that struck me about this book was how much I loved the main character. She was so realistic and loveable. Sure, she had some annoying moments, but don't we all? I loved the real view of someone with ADHD. My second favorite thing was the romance. It wasn't super passionate though they were attracted to each other , but it was based in real things, not just feelings.


The plot was incredibly well thought out. While I hated that she lied, I loved that there were consequences for The first thing that struck me about this book was how much I loved the main character. While I hated that she lied, I loved that there were consequences for every action. Every time she talked to her mom, I just wanted to hug her. But I loved that she didn't get to just escape from the hard things, she had to face them head-on. I wasn't expecting quite that amount of references to adult content.

While it was handled fairly well, it made me a bit uncomfortable. Also, I was sad that there wasn't more Christian content. I feel like this wasn't very cohesive review, but I honestly don't quite know how to put it into words.

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I loved this book and the characters were amazing Griff. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under 15 due to mature content. Sep 03, Angie Thompson rated it did not like it Shelves: not-finished. I'm really glad I read the author's note at the end before getting deep into this story, since it gave me a heads-up on some of the content issues that would be present.

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After glancing through a few more scenes, this is definitely not the kind of story I'm interested in. Jun 10, Bethany rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books , read-in I've had the pleasure of being able to read several of Siri Mitchell's previous novels including She Walks In Beauty and absolute favorite novel of mine! Being that her writing style is very diverse in time periods and themes, I was excited to see what she did with this new novel based in the early s in Boston. While I did enjoy reading it, I don't think it's a favorite, though I'm glad I did read it.

However for sure, She Walks In Beauty takes the cake for being my I've had the pleasure of being able to read several of Siri Mitchell's previous novels including She Walks In Beauty and absolute favorite novel of mine! However for sure, She Walks In Beauty takes the cake for being my favorite novel she has written; which quite honestly I don't see changing in the future.

This novel was different than I expected it to be in the fact that it was a very fun, light and quick read, that I found very personable and humorous-while at the same time having very serious strains within the pages. I really ended up reading this book with "spare moments". Basically I started it on a day where I had an extra 15 minutes, and then read a bit more a few other times I had a few minutes, and then it seemed like all the sudden I'd finished it without putting lots of time into reading it. I think this was mainly because the story flowed well and the story line was relaxed and not super complex like other stories that take a while to "connect" no pun intended!

So in a way, this book was very simple, but also very nice.

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Since the plot was very simple, it made it easier to read, and also made it a light read, but one I did enjoy. The main character Ellis Eaton's personality was quite honestly a bit difficult for me to "get". I felt like at times I totally related with her clumsiness and difficulty remembering things. I laughed at the situations it brought her into, but also felt a deeply like I could totally relate, being that her character was so real and showed honestly that people make mistakes!

However, at other times I felt like her mind may not have been "all there", and I felt like she might almost have a disorder or something of the sort. Her character is one of very high energy and one of easily forgetting things or loose track of situations. While it wasn't so bad to where I thought she was mental, I did get a feel like there was something not quite right, from ways she would respond verbally to certain situations that reminded me of someone who might have a compulsive disorder.

True enough, at the end of the book the author described how she created Ellis's character with ADHD, and I was glad to know that wasn't just a feeling I got, but that the author made the character like that on purpose. So while at times I just loved the "real" situations her compulsive disorder brought, I felt like at other times I didn't quite relate with other bits of her personality.

Despite the title which may suggest this novel to be a big romance, it's not. I felt like the title worked perfectly with the story since Ellis fills in for a friend at her telephone job as a "hello girl", where she is constantly connecting and disconnecting calls. I liked how the story mainly focused on Ellis and didn't heavily rely on a romance to make the story interesting.

While there was a nice bit of clean romance, I felt like it wasn't overly done, and for sure very clean. The only con I'd mention is that there is a minor-character who is rather immoral, and there was one scene at a bar where she was inappropriately dancing on stage. I'd probably just recommend to skip over that paragraph when it comes, if this is an area you'd rather just avoid.

Since it's only one paragraph it makes it easy to just skip over once. Overall, I enjoyed this novel and loved Ellis's personality and the humorously light style that makes this book easy to read in a short amount of time. I'd highly recommend this book to historical fiction fans, or those who enjoy very unique novels from Christian authors.

Love Comes Calling

I was not paid to write this review, and all thoughts expressed in my review are completely honest and unbiased. Apr 26, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction. This book was such a delight! I've been a Siri Mitchell fan for several years, but my favorites of her historicals tend to be ones on the more serious side, such as " The Messenger " or " Love's Pursuit ". Ellis Eton feels like she has been a disappointment her whole life. All she hears from This book was such a delight!

All she hears from her parents, friends, and professors is "Oh, Ellis. She longs to run away and be an actress in Hollywood, and she knows she'd be a good one because she's been putting on an act for years trying to hide her real scatterbrained self. As soon as she can save up for a ticket to California, which is awfully hard because she enjoys spending money, Ellis plans to make an escape.

All of her problems seem solved when her friend Janie has a family emergency and asks Ellis to pose at her job for two weeks. Surely pretending to be a switchboard operator at a phone company would be easier than the economics class she just flunked!

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If only Ellis can remember everything she needs to, and not draw attention from any of the supervisors, then at the end of two weeks she'll have the funds needed to head to Hollywood. Things change dramatically on the first day at work, when Ellis accidentally stays on the line after transferring a call and overhears two Irish men discussing her friend Griffin Phillips. They said that if Griff didn't cooperate with what they wanted, they were planning to take him "out of the picture.

Greatly disturbed at what she believes to be a plot to murder her friend, Ellis begins an investigation to save his life. It's a little tricky, though, because she's certain Griff wants to pin her with his fraternity pin, and she doesn't want to have any regrets when she leaves. Oh well, she'll just be careful not to spend too much time with him, even as she tries to spend extra time with him to protect him from unknown bad guys.

Ellis is stepping into more danger than she knows as she tries to track down the Irish callers. Still using Janie's identity, she's whisked into the underground world of speakeasies, police officers who look the other way, and all kinds of double standards. What really is right and wrong? If there is a law, shouldn't it be upheld and enforced? Meanwhile her days are running short to save Griff before she leaves for Hollywood. One of my favorite things about this book was Griff's love for Ellis.