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When you recognize the battle as His, you rely on His strength to fight it. All He asks of you is to face the battle with Him and He will make miracles happen. Rather than say those hurtful things that often go through your mind in a marriage battle, only say the things you are led to say through the inspiration of God. If you have the courage to open your mouth, God will fill it with the words you need to say that will help defuse the situation.

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His words are words of love and kindness. Showing genuine gratitude is one of the greatest ways to defuse battles. God knows what your marriage needs. He wants to bless you with those needs. When you fight the battle with Him, He will heal your marriage and make it whole. Published: Updated: Here are six ways you can let God heal your marriage. Pray The best way to fight any battle is on your knees. Trust God If you want God to be your general, it is vital to trust Him.

Because love is a basic need of humanity, every person has a deep desire to be loved.

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He alone holds the answer to our deep craving for love. The greatest symptom that my need for love was misdirected was that I was praying for God to change my husband — without having the humility to ask God how He wanted to change me. It is never wrong to pray for God to make your husband or wife more like Him.

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When I realized this in my own life, I simply asked God to make me hungry for His love. It takes a lot of courage to admit that your marriage might not be exactly what you want because you are not exactly what you need to be.

2. Continue your courtship.

Be brave. Do this as an act of thanksgiving to God. My counselor assigned this task to me and, although I took it on reluctantly, it had a dramatic impact on my heart.

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I am, in fact, a very loved woman. I have a husband who never fails to ask for forgiveness, prays with me each night at bedtime, willingly enters into counseling when we need it, manages our money well, begs me to sneak away with him from time to time, and tolerates my weaknesses as much as I tolerate his. Take a night to play a board game or enjoy a hike together on a Sunday afternoon. If you can meet your spouse for lunch, consider canceling an appointment with a personal trainer or even a friend. She tried man after man but never felt that her thirst for love had been quenched.

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She was desperate and love-sick. Then, when Jesus showed up, He offered her the love she really needed. How like us! How like me. You just have to be a woman who is trying to get something from her husband that only God can give. I know.

6 practical ways to let God heal your marriage

I have been there many times, just waiting for God to show up. Many people seem to believe that forgiving means one of the following: Condoning or excusing the offense. Forgetting past abuses or injustices. Minimizing or justifying negative behavior. Immediately trusting the offender again. Turning both the offender and the offense over to God for His righteous judgment.

Restoring Trust in Marriage

Making a commitment to work through the issues together until the root causes of the problem have been identified and resolved. Actively rebuilding the relationship, brick by brick, on a foundation of solid trust. You May Also Like. Mindfulness: A Christian Approach. September 18, August 19, Do Parents Matter? Nature vs. About Us.

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