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It has been affected badly by recent droughts in Africa and the Mediterranean penchant for shooting migrating birds each spring and autumn traditionally for food, but now more for fun. It has been estimated that 3 million turtle doves are shot each year.

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While EU law bans the hunting of birds during periods of breeding and migration , the turtle dove is still shot in many countries during autumn. In addition, BirdLife International estimates that , are killed illegally each year. But these trends do not explain entirely the loss of British turtle doves. Turtle doves eat mostly grains, living on wild plant and weed seeds.

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Since the 50s, Britain has destroyed almost all its wildflower meadows , while chemical pesticides have removed arable weeds. Britain has also lost dense hedgerows where the turtle dove likes to nest. Pensthorpe is working with a group of mid-Norfolk farmers to preserve hedgerows, restore farm ponds and offer the birds supplementary food. But earlier, similar, schemes have not worked. One Norfolk farmer who planted field margins with wild seed mixes succeeded in boosting bird populations, but not turtle doves. Isabella Tree, the co-owner of the Knepp estate, is critical of recent attempts to provide the doves with additional food.

Knepp is one of the few places where turtle doves are increasing: from none at the start of the century, the 1,hectare 3,acre farm now has 20 calling males. What did it eat before there were farms? What does it eat in sub-Saharan Africa? Tree believes turtle doves that have been observed eating spilled arable grains in Britain are starving and desperate.

Any dove breeder will tell you about the dangers of feeding wheat and corn to the birds: cracked grain can tear the throat, while in the gut it absorbs moisture and can cause fungal diseases.

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  6. Tree and Burrell politely refused. While conservationists agree that turtle doves love weed seeds such as common fumitory which has returned to rewilded Knepp , most weeds do not produce seeds until the middle of summer; the turtle dove arrives in Britain, undernourished, in April and May. In fact, says Tree, there are old accounts of turtle doves eating snails. They may peck at hawthorn shoots, too. Ornithologists have observed continental turtle doves eating berries, fungi and invertebrates.

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    It truly makes my day when someone finds something useful here and takes the time to say so. Because I know about your situation with them, this made me laugh this morning. Thank you for that!

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    I hope that you are able to voice your input on this to them directly. We're all learning this as we go along, and sometimes it's the negative reactions that initiate the best growth and improvement! My homepage is twitter, facebook, google,… Brilliant, and true. Thanks for bringing that point to my brain today. There is so much value in everything I came across while looking into this. After the 3rd or 4th time going over the videos, slides, and articles was when it really hit me that ANYONE could use the methods and principles that The Coca-Cola Company has set forth.

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    It's all really great stuff! Thank you for stopping in today Randy, always a pleasure! So true, and I like how they've addressed that and made efforts to change it by staking their space in social media. They are creating content for the brand advocates by reading and monitoring what's already out there. I also like how Coca-Cola isn't hiding what they are doing, but share their strategies online via presentations like this and their Principles disclosure.

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    What's brilliant is that they are empowering the right people to participate in SM, and that it's not all the communications pros. The baby she fought to live for. Tracey Miller. Blood on Cop Fell. John Wilford. Forest Gate.

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    Peter Akinti. Adrian Mole, The Later Years. What's brilliant is that they are empowering the right people to participate in SM, and that it's not all the communications pros. For example, it's their Health experts commenting on food and diet blogs.

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    Not sure how well the "SM certification" will work for all employees, but I applaud their efforts to open it up to more employees. The things that struck you are definitely the things that impressed me as I began to look into what Coca-Cola is doing out there. Just like you, I was really impressed with all of the wonderfully simple and effective ways that they've moved into these spaces and empowered others and joined the conversations. Thanks for reading today and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it Davina.

    See how optimized a specific web page, landing page, or blog post is for an exact keyword or phrase. Subscribe in a reader. How The Coca-Cola Company is using social media, and how it applies to you. View more presentations from iStrategy. James Ball on March 10, at pm.

    Heather on March 10, at pm. It's a darn shame Pizza Hut isn't so good at social media! Davina K. Brewer on March 10, at pm. James Ball on March 11, at am. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.