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Amazing book on prayer.

Very helpful. Apr 17, Prayer In rated it it was amazing. This was the first book that I read on prayer. Since then I have read many, but this one is by far the best. Keep this one in your library and read it over and over again.

Real-life experiences with prayer

Feb 07, Kathy rated it it was amazing. I have been reading this book for several weeks but failed to post it on Goodreads until today. It has much to offer anyone interested in deepening their prayer life or needing a push to begin praying more regularly and effectively. It covers all aspects of prayer including, who can pray, how to pray, what prayer can do for all nations, praying in the name of Jesus, the prayer of faith, praying through and in the Holy Spirit, hindrances to prayer and, prevailing prayer and real revival.

Even though it was written in the s, it is not outdated or out of touch. I found it to be very much on point. It is good sometimes to read books written in a different generation to snap us out of our current mindset and enable us to see things from another perspective.

Torrey's message is much needed today amid the division, lack of reason and logic, and the self-centeredness of our current society. While this book was written in the s, its message is still relevant and powerful for today. As Torrey says, " The great need of our day is prayer, more prayer, and better prayer. Great revivals always begin first in the hearts of a few men and women whom God arouses by His Holy Spirit to believe in Him as a living God, as a God who answers prayer, and upon whose heart He lays a burden from which no rest can be found except in importunate crying unto God.

Oh may He, by His Spirit, lay such a burden upon our hearts today.


Jul 08, Stinger rated it liked it Shelves: christian , devotional. I had never before read any works of Torrey, the man so important to the founding of Biola, the school I attend. He presents cogent arguments concerning prayer in this book, yet the most powerful aspect of the book is not the argumentation as much as the stories he shares of God at work in response to persistent and serious prayer. I question some of Torrey's conclusions, as they verge on legalism, yet his book had a positive influence on me. This morning before attending church meetings, I pray I had never before read any works of Torrey, the man so important to the founding of Biola, the school I attend.

This morning before attending church meetings, I prayed with a brother in Christ over the college ministry, of which I am a part. I should also mention that a section of the book I found especially helpful concerned hinderance to prayer. It was enlightening as well as encouraging to me that I should love my wife liberally if I am to expect God my Father to answer my requests liberally. Even more so, praying the will of God is key.

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I recommend this book to those interested in learning more about the power of prayer, yet at the same time the reader must beware of the author's tendency toward legalism. May 21, Bongi rated it liked it. This book is very powerful and it encourage a person to work very hard in prayer. Nov 29, Mary Lyon rated it it was amazing. Every pun intended Some of his application is a bit strict, but the teaching is solid. My prayer life has benefitted from reading this book.

Power of Prayer

Jul 10, Sharon Zink rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wonderful inspirational reading. It is like the old-time Gospel preaching we used to hear. It inspires faith in a mighty God. It makes prayer understandable. I am glad I found this and read it. GO Max Great book. I recommend this book to everyone that has a desire to walk just a little closer to the Lord. Sep 16, Joelle rated it liked it Shelves: own. As a whole, this book was theologically solid.

Every now and then, it seemed to border on prosperity Gospel, though. Also, because it is a collection of sermons which would have been heard, not read, some of the chapters and even paragraphs can become very repetitive. It read surprisingly quickly. I do believe I grew in my Christian faith as a result of reading this book. Feb 19, Erica Mbasan rated it really liked it. Mostly this book is awesome. I got a lot out of it. Zanna Brown rated it really liked it Mar 20, Lynne H.

Long rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Weijun rated it it was amazing Nov 17, Raquelitabrilla rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Amidou rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Jodi rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Steven Recktenwald rated it liked it Feb 07, Tatiana rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Ibigo rated it it was amazing Jan 12, John rated it liked it Sep 26, Clay Wells rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Bradly J rated it really liked it Aug 04, Church history spanning the last few centuries is filled with testimonies of results that have come from prayer.

Although we reside in the physical realm, we are spiritual beings. A lot of what affects us happens in a realm that is not natural to us. It happens in a realm that we cannot see with our natural eyes. Our war is not in flesh. The strongholds and rulers that we battle are not in the physical, but spiritual realm. This is where prayer becomes a tool of battle. We fight in the spiritual realm through prayer. A stronghold is a defensible place; fortress. It is a major centre or area of predominance. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians further illustrates this point.

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The power of prayer is that it gives us influence in both physical and spiritual realms. Whatever you are fighting against, whatever the foe is, prayer is a weapon!

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  • Matthew Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. We also understand that when we come together in agreement, in prayer, we influence heaven. When we agree on earth or bind on earth, heaven grants. God encourages us to bring to him things that concern us. He is a caring father, who takes joy in intervening and changing situations in our favour. Scripture tells us that some of our lack is a result of not asking of the Lord. James Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not , because ye ask not.

    The Great Power of Prayer

    Again we are encouraged to ask, through prayer. To bring our needs to our God who is a provider. It gives us assurance, that that which we do not yet see, but are hoping believing God for, praying for will come to pass. Faith is always an essential component of walking in victory in the Lord. It is what caused Abram to leave his people and all that he had, to go to a promised land, that God had promised.

    The result of that faith was him becoming the father of what we know to be the Christian faith today. God made him a father of nations, kings descended from him.

    He had to step out in faith. He had to believe that, what he could not see would come to pass. Hebrews 11 has more and more examples that you can refer to. Moses walked in faith.